Two Words To Change Your Perspective

Two Words To Change Your Perspective

If you've ever felt like you "should" be working in a certain setting, in a specific role, or feel like you lack the confidence to do what you desire because of what other people might think about it, I'm going to let you in on two words that have changed the game for me. 

The first word: AND.

So simple, yet it can change your perspective in a second. I've referred to this before as "the power of and" when I've spoken to nurses about this idea. 

The idea that you are never identified by one thing. 

You can be a nurse and a mom. A bedside cardiac nurse and a vaccine clinic nurse. An L&D badass and small business owner. A yogi and a night shifter. 

The simple reminder that things can fit together in harmony in your life to serve you. We don't always have to put ourselves in a position where we tell ourselves it's one or the other. You don't always have to choose. 

I lived on the power of the word for a long time. Only recently did I realize the power of a second word: MORE.

This one is all about permission. Remembering that you are allowed to use the word more instead of and if that's what serves you. 

As the owner of Purpose People, it took a long time for me to be able to say that I love being a nurse and felt fulfilled working as a bedside cardiac nurse 36 hours a week, but I love running this brand for nurses more

You can love being that badass L&D nurse and still love the dream you are chasing of becoming an aesthetic nurse more. You can love your bedside role but crave time with your family on Christmas more and decide to make a change because of that. 

Not only are these powerful perspective shifts, but words you can use as tools when explaining to the people in your life why you are choosing the path you are. 

Not everyone understands why we make the moves we do, but using this to guide their perspective might help. 

Who knew two basic words could hold so much power?

You've got this, 



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  • Needed to hear this 🥹 thank you for all that you do to help nurses live their purpose 🥰

    Mel on

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