Tip To Remember!

Tip To Remember!

That feeling of being pulled in a million different directions can feel even more amplified around the holidays. 

More holiday parties, traditions, decorating, and working. We don't want to miss a thing, yet our schedules are packed and our jobs aren't letting up. 

Don't even get me started on having to work on a holiday and trying to reschedule family time or show up exhausted to an event after working all day.

We actually aren't going to give you a tip on how to make it all work, how to get a ton of energy to push through it all or tell you our top tip on creating that good-'ol "balance" you hear so much about. 

Our top tip for you this holiday season? Remember that YOU set the expectation for yourself. 

Don't do anything that is going to make everyone around you happy, but that will leave you feeling anxious, miserable, or unhappy. 

Doing the thing that makes everyone happy isn't worth it if it doesn't make you happy, too. 

So cancel the plans. Don't put up your tree. Show up to the family party just for dessert. Here's your permission slip to put yourself, your energy, your mindset first. 

Keep this in mind as you navigate these next few weeks. I hope it allows you to enjoy it even more. 

- Eva 


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