Three Tips for the Unknown & Overwhelm

Three Tips for the Unknown & Overwhelm

Are you in one of those life phases where it's easy to get overwhelmed? We're in one right now with the Magnet Conference coming up, holiday season around the corner and doing new things that we've never done before. Life can feel exciting and stressful all in one sometimes. Maybe you're trying something new, feeling like your schedule doesn't leave any time for you, or worried that you're just simply overbooked. 

Here are a few things we like to remind ourselves of when these feelings creep in: 

1. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we also tend to feel helpless. Have you ever felt like you just need someone else to tell you the answers, but no one is there? We've been there too. Yes, we're going to remind you that there likely are people there who are willing to help (you might just have to ask!), but that's not our main point here. We're actually going to remind you that you aren't alone because you have you

Remember that you are your greatest resource. You are capable. You can figure out the next steps. You've got this! 

2. Failing is part of the process. What if someone told you that you were going to work three nursing jobs before you hit that jackpot, once-in-a-lifetime, dream job? You'd be celebrating when a job didn't work out knowing you were on your way to your best life. 

Remember that failure is part of the process and if you're going to fail, you might as well fail big! If you royally screw it up, that means you really freakin' went for it. That's something to be proud of. 

3. On this same note of mistakes and failure, our last reminder comes in handy when it comes to those times when you know you're going into uncharted territory and you might mess it up. Let's be real - you actually might! You might miss something. You might make an error. They call it uncharted territory for a reason right? Mistakes are bound to happen when you're entering the unknown (or for our Stranger Things fans, the upside-down). 

One thing to remember when the worst does happen is that not only will those mess ups be part of your journey, but they'll be teaching you the lessons you need to move toward that best life of yours. 

A good mantra we like to use is - never failure, always lessons.

Comment below telling us what's ahead for you. For us it's the Magnet Conference next week. We hope to see ya there! 


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