The Art of Manifesting

The Art of Manifesting

If someone were to ask you what it is that you want for your future, what would you say?

Write it down.

I’ve always wanted an Audi. Not just any Audi, a white Audi Q8. I want to travel the world for months at a time with Alec and be able to pay for our best friends and family to come and visit us. I want to take mission trips to third world countries and use my nursing profession to help the poorest people in our world. I want to be someone that inspires other nurses and healthcare professionals. I want a house on the beach and a view of the ocean I can wake up to every morning with a bright, white kitchen, outdoor shower, and tons of natural lighting. I want a husband and at least two children that complete my life. I want all of this or something better.

But if someone were to ask me, “What is it that you want for your future?” my answer would probably look something like: have a husband and kids, be able to go on vacation every year, advance in my nursing career in some way and be able to live comfortably.

I’ve never even considered why it is that my “out loud answers” would differ from my “inside answers”. My initial assumption would be that my dreamer side is too over the top and it would be “weird” to actually believe this for myself, until I read this quote:

“Most of us have never allowed ourselves to want what we truly want, because we can’t see how it's going to manifest.” - Jack Canfield

Of the entire book The Secret, this sentence struck me the hardest and deepest. Seriously, the second I read this I was like “WOAH, holy sh**” and then proceeded to think of all of the things I truly want in life, regardless of whether or not I believed it to be attainable for me.

Do this for yourself: rewrite the answer to my first question. Write it this time with all the little details. Include the things you would have, see, or do regardless of your current financial situation, education or your past because those things don't define your future. Close your eyes and envision your perfect life and then write it down. Don’t take a second to worry about how this will all come to be; disregard this and write it all.

We limit ourselves by thinking about the how. The second we begin to think about manifesting our dreams, our protective brain function kicks in and says, “Hey buddy, you only make $45,000 a year, remember?” It says, “Girl, you know you’re too chubby to get that kind of man.” It says, “You could barely make it through undergrad, you haven’t got a chance at getting into that masters program”. It says anything and everything to protect us from failure, to try and stop us from beginning because it cannot see everything laid out all pretty for us.

There is too much self doubt in “how”. You are your biggest roadblock. See your future, bright and clear. Then follow the signs to guide you along your way. You don’t need to know the how right now. You need to know the what. What are you going to become? What are your goals? What are your dreams? What do you want?

Recognize and believe that what you just wrote down is possible for you. Shift your attention to your what. Once you know that in the most vivid detail and enforce repetition on it, your path will be revealed.

Eva Machado, RN

Founder & CEO of Purpose People

IG: @evamachado


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