Amazon Prime Day 2023 Nurse Must Haves

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Nurse Must Haves

We know this community lives for a deal, so we're dropping our must haves and favorites from this year's prime day. 

These deals end today so run and grab some of these now if you're interested! 

All of these are linked in a list we created here

Kindle E-Reader


Where are the girlies who love to read?! 

We've had lots of nurses in our community tell us how into reading they've been. It's seriously the best for a day off or winding down before bed. These kindles are amazing. Once ya get one, you won't go back - trust us! 


Massage Gun

Let's keep it real...

Being a nurse comes with some aches and pains, but you've gotta take care of yourself! Using a massage gun after a long shift is such a treat and this one is only $39.99 this prime day.


Ugg Dupe Slippers

We have these and are so obsessed! If you want the vibe of Ugg Slippers but don't want to work OT to afford them, snatch up these dupes for only $19.


Liquid IV

We all know it's tough to get enough water in a twelve hour shift when you're taking care of so many patients. We love Liquid IV because it makes drinking water fun and makes hydration easier. 

PS - golden cherry is our favorite flavor 🍒 


Comfy PJ Set

If you want to look cute while you do your much deserved self care, we love these. They're super soft and come in so many colors! Definitely worth grabbing a pair on sale.


Infinity Underscrub

We swear by this under scrub! It's been our favorite for years because it has pockets, thumbholes and is 10/10 soft. They're just $25 this prime day, too!


FIGS Scrub Bottoms

Everyone's favorite scrub brand has sales on Amazon today, too. Honestly...enough said 😋


Maven Thread Headband

Maven Thread makes some of our favorite headbands to rock at work. There's lots of options on the site and a two pack is only $13! 


Boo Boo Crew Merch

Surprise! We're joining in on prime day and offering $5 off our boo boo crew merch. Use code PRIMEDAY at checkout or use the link above to get your $$ off! 🎃


Shower Steamers

With the fall stepping in and winter on the horizon, we're gonna need those extra steamy showers, right? 

These are a fun little self care item to get as a way to treat yourself this season and to have so you can pop in the shower after a long shift. 


Claw Clips

You can never have too many claw clips!

We can already see you rocking these on the unit and we just had to share because this deal is wild. These are only $7 and 60% off 💃🏼


These were a handful of our favorites! Comment below and let us know what we're missing so we can add it to our amazon folder for the other nurses in our community to shop! 🛍

Happy Wednesday, peeps!

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  • The link for the comfy PJ SET doesn’t work 😕

    Nicole on

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